If you are modest and sweet or sexy and daring, you can find a swimdress that suits your personality at our website! We have a huge assortment of swimming dresses for women that will allow you to be sporty or demure. Check out our selection, and when you find one that you love, we'll send it right to your door with free shipping!


The Swimdress: A Smart, Stylish Option

Not everyone wants to show off everything they've got in a bikini swimsuit. That's why the swim dress has come back into fashion. The original style dates back to the turn of the century, when women wanted to enjoy the water, but keep their skin covered. That desire is still alive today! Plus, with a swimdress that covers you up more than a revealing bikini, you can feel comfortable that you are not over-exposing your skin to dangerous UV rays from the sun that can cause sunburns, prematurely aging skin and even skin cancer.


Advanced Design with Today's Swimdresses

The excellent design of most swim dresses includes the empire waistline design. Many of the swimdresses you'll find on Swimsuits Planet are fitted to the bust line to highlight those curves. The design cinches below the bust line, which is the smallest part of the torso. The rest of a swim dress skirt floats away from the body below the chest. This is not only feminine, but also extremely flattering to any body type. If you're a junior, you can find cute and sporty looks, while more mature women can find more sophisticated designs in our vast collection of swim dresses for women.


Swimdresses: Modesty Meets Glamor

If you want extra coverage for your tummy, hips or thighs, a swimdress provides it all. Plus, you'll have the extra function of going from the water to the patio, boat or resort without feeling self-conscious about showing too much skin when it's not appropriate. At Swimsuits Planet, you can find an inexpensive swim dress that flatters and fits great, made with a high-quality nylon and spandex fabric that lasts. Pick your favorite today and have it sent directly to your door with no shipping fee!



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